Our Artists

We take pride in hiring local artists to design our labels. Here is a list of the artists who have been commissioned for work.


Asante Riverwind

Label - Cascadian Moon

Asante Riverwind is a life-long creator of fine art, blending a range of art traditions and cultures. Many of his works fuse Celtic and original designs with wild nature, dreams, visions and spirit. In addition to original commissioned art, Asante offers a range of quality art prints, giclees, cards books and organic t-shirts.



Jillian Mardin

Labels - Garbhain's Well, Bramble




Patricia Sobel

Labels - Deeper Bourbon, Madra Donn

Also was commissioned to paint the Deep Woods mural located on the side of our building.


Nicole Butterfield

Labels - Cascadian Krupnikas, Cascadian Maid

Nicole creates artisan greeting cards, calendars, signs and more.



Sunny Zylstra

Professional painter and photographer


All artists are Oakridge/Westfir based except Asante Riverwind who is based in Eugene.